New Character Update – Introducing Stacey van Casey!

This is just a quick ‘bonus’ post to introduce the latest Crazy Random character to the world! She goes by the name Stacey van Casey and is a caring and compassionate basket.

stacey cropped
Introducing Stacey van Casey!

I wanted to create a character that pays homage in some way to my mum, someone I am indebted to for all the love and support shown to me over the years. My mum is very keen on arts and crafts and has always been very clever with her hands. But the main thing that comes to mind when I think of my mum’s many creations are the baskets! She has been a very keen and talented basket maker throughout much of her life and as such my brothers and I grew up with a background decor of baskets of all sorts of shapes and sizes spread all around the family home. Therefore it seems completely fitting to create a Crazy Random basket to honour the lady that brought me into this world!

stacey basic sketch cropped
The original basic sketch lines for Stacey

Creating Stacey has actually been quite challenging. Perspective was a constant challenge, not least with the handle which actually proved very difficult to draw despite looking like a very straight forward shape. Like for most Crazy Random characters, I decided to include arms on Stacey as I like the idea of her being able to physically lift some of the smaller characters (e.g. Soupie, Rapscallion, etc.) and hide them within herself!

stacey outlines cropped
Outlines of Stacey (minus the bracelet) with colour and shade not yet added

When it came to colouring the fabric that lines the top of the basket (as often seen on a picnic hamper), I was originally going to go for a chequerboard pattern with three colours (two shades of pink/red and the other being white) but I felt it made the image look a little ‘noisy’ with too many shades giving it a garish appearance. So in the end I opted for a far more simple two-colour pattern of pink and white. For simplicity I decide to use markings on her main body that give the impression of weaved cane but without cluttering the image by using too many lines.

Anyway, I hope you like the newest member to the Crazy Randoms gang – look out for more new characters coming soon!

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  1. Myfanwy Baldwin says:

    It’s great -love Mum!


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