Soupie J. Campbell has arrived!

I am delighted to bring some extremely exciting news: my first book is finally here! And even better news: for a limited time only, electronic copies of the book will be available COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

All I ask is in return is that you take the very short amount of time (it should only take two minutes max.) to fill in the quick questionnaire to tell me what you and your child(ren) thought of the book. That’s it! Pretty good deal right!? (It is just worth pointing out at this stage that the version of the book you will receive for free is, in effect, a draft, which will then be edited and finalised accordingly based on the feedback received).

Soupie Page 14-neat outline onlySoupie Page 14-neat merged

The journey of making Soupie J. Campbell has been longer and far more challenging than I initially anticipated. Up until I started making the book, I had never actually drawn any Crazy Random character in any context other than the close up pictures listed in the ‘Characters’ section of my website. So drawing them at different scales and angles and with a variety of expressions was a little more tricky than I originally imagined, but I have embraced and enjoyed the challenge all the same!

Soupie Page 13 - neatV3 (merged)

As for the writing, well that was slightly less labour intensive than the illustrating, but has still brought its own challenges. I wanted to strike a balance between keeping the language interesting, engaging and fun to read but also think its important to throw in one or two words that will challenge the young reader as well – indeed I personally remember first encountering some useful words I use to this day from reading the Mr. Men books as a young child.

Anyway, I don’t want to say too much more because I want you to judge for yourselves! So, if you haven’t done it already, get your free copy of Soupie J. Campbell right away! Here’s it how it works, simply click on the following link  You will then be prompted to provide an email address. Once you have done that, your copy of the book will be emailed to you and then you can get reading! Please, please, please do provide any feedback (good or bad) and please, please, please pass on the link to anyone you know who might also be interested and ask them to do the same. Happy reading!

Soupie Page 18 - neat (merged)


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